Choose office partition don't choose! The material style and quality of office partition must carefully consider!

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-20
Now in the market sales desk is more and more into daily life, modern office partition, screen material is also a wide range of all kinds of material has its own advantages, to bring us the diversity of office furniture. More common office screen material for melamine plate. This kind of material is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particle board surface cover technology was made, with fire prevention, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty, high strength, high hardness, the surface figure after special craft processing, office furniture can long stay matte effect, make its can have lasting show appearance, has a long service life. First of all should pay attention to is this kind of material, the applicable scope of the different office space and use different parts of the screen material is different. Partition parts, such as general use office partition screen material is glass, commonly what specific glass, is according to the specific product design, make its can not only bring you a small working space, also does not affect daylighting, etc. If use single or management office furniture, office screen, office partition material used is more upscale, more is to use solid wood to build, to show the use of forward aura. Office partition screen of choose and buy when the material, we also should pay attention to its production process. Plate file cabinet office furniture production technology mainly see saw cutting quality, edge, office furniture cad surface decoration quality and port panel quality. In general board of saw cutting technology in 0 per meter. 01 mm within, meet the precision requirements of plate cutting saw behind profile level off, good to Angle, made after the furniture will not appear the phenomenon of plate tilt. Edge, the surface decoration depends mostly on the decorative components coating is uniform, door, whether the points of the drawer seam gap is too big, general requirements between 1 mm ~ 2 mm, open doors and drawer, push-pull is flexible, etc. We all know that office screens made by the different technology will make the material is different, if not enough skilled and process superb, office partition screen can also lead to material quality is unqualified, the design and production of office furniture will not be able to have more often use fixed number of year. Also some office partition of synthetic material, if the process is not good, but can lead to sealing side is not enough meticulous, make its edge is rough, there is a potential safety hazard.
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