Choose custom office furniture, custom office furniture pay attention to the problem

by:Frank Tech     2020-08-16
Most of the enterprises in order to improve the efficiency of office staff, build a more enjoyable leisure office environment, set great store by the reasonable setting, office environment for office furniture choice is also very careful in the office. Foshan franktechfurniture furniture, high quality products to meet your needs in this aspect, in addition its one-stop office furniture of choose and buy service operation system is established, with every link of the practice of the harmonious operation, ensure that users have a more comfortable office furniture of choose and buy of the tour, the product quality is guaranteed, after-sales service is very considerate, at the same time provide quality warranty for life, let the enterprise boss purchase easy. Below to learn about, select custom office wirecutter office chair, custom office furniture pay attention to the problem. A, the customization is truly tailored usually honest good office furniture manufacturer, before the purchase will arrange professional personnel office door access all aspects of the data, then the designer according to these parameters, as well as the nature of the company or office workers work habits, companies operating characteristics, and all aspects of the business requirements to design the function and style characteristics of office furniture products, so as to realize the reasonable layout of office space. Led to the specifications of the products, office furniture design style and the background area and height of the wall decoration style and space photograph echo, such as to achieve the overall harmonious visual effects. Second, it is not a variety of custom-made furniture mindless pyramiding of office furniture products is a kind of durable goods rather than consumables, so when the choose and buy, first consider is the practical demand. Usually put the area of the office area of office furniture products accounted for, should not exceed 50% of the whole office space. Too many office furniture products piled up together, increase the enterprise cost, affect the whole beautiful sex, also can make the whole office space is very crowded, is not conducive to office staff daily communication and activities. Three, custom office furniture quality trustworthy custom office furniture the entire process for consumers is openness, whether it is the choice of raw materials or hardware accessories material purchase, consumers have a certain selectivity. So the custom office furniture quality shall conform to the consumer needs. For wooden office furniture, for example, its internal moisture content should not be more than 12%, and the whole structure of basic without the use of chemical cement. Details, diagonal accuracy is consistent, office furniture surface smooth, without burr, no cock or cracking phenomenon such as the corners. Generally find like franktechfurniture furniture technology excellent manufacturer cooperation, the custom office furniture is 10 points and reliable product quality. Four, custom office furniture products and office overall style is consistent use of its style, modelling of office furniture products and office furniture color is tie-in, etc should be in harmony. Normally, when collocation according to the big jump small to set up the harmonious principle, allowing in detail place in small changes, but must be harmonious and unified whole.
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