charles pollock, designer of popular office chair, dies at 83

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-11
Charles Pollock, an industrial designer whose vision of \"simple lines of space\" led him to develop stylish, practical chairs, which became the hallmark of the late 20th-century executive suite, tuesday was killed in a fire in South Jamaica, Queens. He was 83.
It is reported that the fire occurred in the apartment he used as a studio, which occurred around 7 in the morning. m.
New York City Fire Department spokesman Michael Parrella said.
The firefighters found his body, he said, adding that the cause of the fire had not yet been determined. Mr.
Sheryl Fratell, a partner at Pollock, said he left his Manhattan apartment on Sunday to work in the studio, where he often spent the night. Mr.
The highest achievement of Pollock is an office chair, which is characterized by an aluminum belt around it, which is fixed together from structure and vision.
Since its launch in 1963, a large number of chairs have been sold and it remains the main part of the famous Noel series.
Often referred simply to as the Pollock chair, it has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Louvre, and has earned him millions of royaltiesPollock.
But for a young designer who has struggled to find a design giant by the middle of the century --
Charles Ames, George Nelson and Florence Noel
The big idea of working with them is not money.
\"A chair is like a sculpture,\" he wrote in a biographical sketch . \".
\"It started with an idea and then became an idea, which is something I might think about over the years,\" he later explained . \".
\"When the time is right, I will express it on paper, usually a simple line in space.
Finally, its shape.
\"After an interview with the BBC
Pollock\'s death, Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum in London, called him \"across the street from 1980 of celebrity designers --a kind of anti-Philip Stark” Mr.
Pollock made only a few chairs, he said, but \"the design he did was well considered and detailed --
Design with elusive timeless qualities. ”Mr.
In the eyes of many, Pollock seems to have disappeared from the scene after designing a few 1960 chairs and a 1980 chair, which many think is classic.
Some people think he\'s dead.
But Jerry Hailin, president of Bernhardt Design, a furniture maker in North Carolina, has been thinking
He said in an interview on Friday that Pollock\'s chair was \"very cool\" and that he began to be obsessed with finding him.
His second thought is: if Sir
What did Pollock design for Bernhardt? Mr.
Harlem found three dozen before finding the right Charles Pollock.
It turns out, sir.
Mr. Pollock \"has been working crazy all these years \". Helling said.
He sells nothing. Mr.
Pollock took the opportunity to create a chair for Mr. Bernhardt. Helling said.
What he came up with was the CP recliner, a stylish, well-outlined design. Mr.
Pollock compared it to an old Jaguar.
\"The outline of the frame makes it look vivid and quick, but you look inside and you see the hand --
\"Leather and hiccups were sewn,\" he said . \".
\"The chair has speed and craftsmanship.
\"On 2012, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, the chairman received favorable comments and won the Red Dot award next year, an international competition.
Charles Randolph Pollock was born in Philadelphia in June 20, 1930 and moved to Toledo, Ohio as a child with his family.
As a boy, he made a motor in the basement with bits and pieces.
Their family settled in Detroit.
Pollock attended Cass Tech High School and won the poster contest.
At the age of 16, his family moved again to Muskegon, Michigan.
He chose to stay in Detroit, live in a boarding house, work on Chrysler\'s assembly line, and go to school.
After graduation, he received a scholarship from the Brooklyn Pratt Institute, where he designed furniture with wires.
George Nelson, considered the founder of American modernist design, admired one of his sculptures during his speech. Mr.
Pollock went to his office and gave it to him as a gift, telling him he wanted to work for him after graduation.
But first, he served in the Army, taught art classes, and served as Artistic Director of Infantry magazines.
After he was discharged from the hospital, he returned to Mr.
Nelson who hired him.
Together they developed the \"Swag legs\" Chair series featuring four elegantly curved metal legs. Mr.
Pollock then approached Florence Noel, a famous designer who studied under the leadership of Missy van Droo.
She initially refused to meet him, but gave in after an article about him was published in an interior design magazine.
On the day of interviewing her, he brought the prototype of the recliner he was doing, and when she came out of the elevator, he collided with her and knocked her down with the chair
She hired him anyway.
He spoke too quickly.
Noel pays $20 a month for a studio
In part of Brooklyn, where he served as executive chairman for five years, he improved over and over again, every time.
To help pay, he installed wires in the basement and stole electricity from a pharmacy in the building.
Comfortable Pollock chair-
Looking like leather and chrome, it immediately succeeded and became the pillar of the modern office.
With the development of the TV series \"Mad Men\" from the early to the late 1960 s, the chair appeared in the office it portrayed --
When should it be.
The chair is still favored by collectors.
Even though his royalties from his chair reduced the need for work,
Pollock has been designing and making paintings and sculptures.
He ski, surf and travel.
General Electric, Oliveti and others commissioned him to do the job, but the deal failed. Mr.
Hanlin said, \"he has no habit of working with the company.
That said, sir.
Pollock achieved great success in 1982.
Until the last time he
Harlem found him.
He designed it.
Penelope chair, known as Giulio Castelli, is a senior manufacturer
Quality of modern furniture.
This is one of the first office chairs with an ergonomic \"knee lift\" effect. Mr.
Pollock\'s marriage to modd nordwald ended in divorce.
Except for his partner.
Fratell, no immediate family survived. Mr.
Doing something attractive and useful gives him a \"good feeling in the soul\" and makes him feel alive, Pollock says.
He said the same thing to his famous chair.
\"It\'s like a 19-year-old woman who is beautiful and beautiful at 45,\" he told the New York Times last year.
\"She may grow old, but she is still beautiful.
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