change the world with what you buy: procurement steps up to sustainability

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-13
About three years ago, when I first met Justin Dillon, CEO of FRDM, his company was called Free World Manufacturing, helping to make progress by purchasing to stop forced labor and slave labor in the supply chain.
Since then, sustainable procurement has become a top priority for many organizational business priorities.
Part of this is the growing complexity of the global supply chain industry. wide.
But it is also important that companies are increasingly driving sustainable procurement.
I attended a conversation at Dillon\'s recent SAP Ariba Live event, he spoke at the meeting about the sustainability of SAP Ariba with product and innovation, risk compliance global vice president Padmini rangangol procurement.
\"Morality and responsibility are confusing terms because they talk to a future country that has not yet arrived,\" Dillon said . \".
\"My passion is to create something and give it to people so they can change the world.
I like complicated questions.
I was attracted by chaos.
The supply chain is full of chaos-a hot mess-the best way I mean.
This is a space where we can change the world by creating order and chaos.
In order to make a sustainable supply chain journey, you must start by measuring where you are.
\"Technology is a tool, not a final state --
As a partner with SAP Ariba, the FRDM platform has become a zero base for purchasing professionals to scale supply chain risks directly from their spending data.
\"Your business relationship with the supplier is your strength,\" Dillon said . \".
\"One of our clients, a conference company, wanted to get deep information about their conference tables.
They found that Asian workers were called up to Poland to produce glue placed on the conference table.
With this information, they can use their power and their money is sustainable.
\"Purchasing has the ability to change the demand signal at the top from multiple data
A tiered digital supply chain is not an easy task for companies or consumers.
After working with more than 50 million consumers who asked which suppliers to buy products from, Dillon will tell them he doesn\'t know.
\"I would say, go and buy products that you don\'t need and can\'t afford.
\"This is the moral product,\" he said . \".
\"But the only way we can solve three people\'s lives --
The one-year-old girl climbed down the hole to dig the Sparks in cosmetics by changing the way the system works.
The signal must be changed from the top.
That\'s what consumers say.
Business is talking about it.
It is now our responsibility to put these signals into our supply chain layer.
\"Transparency and action are shared responsibility. Dillon suggested that the company first reach a consensus internally on measuring supply chain risks, and then take action based on the impact of the organization and where the impact is greatest.
If enough companies push suppliers to behave more sustainably, there will be a change.
\"Once you know the risk lens, that\'s the action,\" rangangol said . \".
\"Look at your suppliers, due diligence, maybe on-site visits.
Services can be outsourced.
Once you get to know your suppliers, those on the surface do a good job.
Get data intelligence from [your]
Dashboard and apply it to your purchase contract.
Mark the supplier with the FRDM badge and use it as part of your preferred approved supplier.
FRDM provides you with an ongoing signal . . . . . . Let buyers and suppliers take responsibility together.
Dillon believes that the sustainability of the supply chain is a manifestation of personal strength, filled with daily messages that remind us of the power of others.
\"This is an opportunity for us to participate in a bigger story than ourselves and our company,\" Dillon said . \".
\"We are engaged in a historic movement to change the world with what we buy. Inside [your]
Money is not only the power to change the world, but also the power to change yourself.
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