chairs, tables and aesthetics

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-27
The living room is a multi-functional space for family and social interaction.
Because the activities here can range from reading, relaxing, watching TV to holding parties, the design of the furniture must meet a variety of needs.
The choice of furniture home furniture can be classified according to the style and materials used for manufacturing.
Traditional rooms can have heavy carved flowers that represent national or Old World charm.
This type of furniture is best suited for large living rooms where gorgeous furniture does not flood the space.
The smaller rooms in the compact apartment are equipped with lighter furniture and look better.
The modern design is fashionable and the visual elegance is suitable for the modern living room.
The materials used are lightweight wood with simple lines, metal, glass, Chrome, bamboo, sugar cane, leather, textiles and plastic.
The shape of the chair and table is usually free and deviates from acceptable specifications. Low-
High-end furniture is a popular choice.
In the traditional home, the short stools, divans and Jhoolas complete the ethnic style, while the floor on the mat with a low level coffee table can be created for modern interior decoration.
Part of the floor seat, combined with the ordinary chair, provides a variety of comfortable and beautiful seats.
The furniture layout of the furnished living room depends on the available space, furniture size and appearance.
Typical standard isto has two single or combined
Two or three-seat sofas
Sofa, two single chairs, one middle table, two or three side tables.
If formal arrangements are required, all the seats are symmetrically concentrated around the center table.
Distinguishing seats into two spaces creates interest and allows for more activity at the same time in the same space.
The layout is reset on a blank wall or in the center of the room.
Since the living room has many openings in and out of various parts of the House, the furniture organization should allow free movement between spaces.
Cabinets, corner stands, console tables and room partitions in most living rooms are part of the furniture.
Shelves and consoles against walls or corners are suitable for displaying artwork, books, TV or music systems.
They are best placed opposite the main seat for easy access and viewing.
Carved Wood has decorative cornice and decoration for the protection of the design, while glass and chrome define a new look.
Today, there are no walls in the living, dining and kitchen spaces due to the open planning concept.
Wood silk processing panels or lightweight frames with silk/jute/rattan panels are some of the solutions for visually dividing these spaces.
Sometimes, the re-placement of furniture is mainly a special item like a recliner (
Chair for aircraft)
Furniture, or the work of a designer.
These works are often acquired for their inherent value and are not suitable for internal schemes.
In this case, a separate niche can be created to avoid interfering with existing arrangements.
The furniture is made of solid wood or combined with rattan strips, and the brown color in different shades is the main color of the room.
This gives the living room a rustic and warm atmosphere of traditional interior design.
Polished wood enhances the texture of the wood and adds elegance.
The firmness provided by the wooden furniture can be lightened by the use of light-colored walls, curtains, carpets and mats.
Curtains and curtains must be designed in conjunction with the furniture arrangement as they occupy a large part of the wall area and the wrong choice may conflict with the environment.
Today, with the premiere of space and the exciting array of contemporary solutions, modern interior design is widely used.
Even if the furniture uses a wooden frame, it is decorated in fabric or leather.
Patterns and colors give dramatic possibilities to the design.
Glass, due to its transparent and opaque diversity, is widely used for its appearance and ability to handle light.
The texture and stained glass are perfect for panels, desktops and fixtures.
When the living room furniture is visually lighter, enhancing the walls with textures or primary colors can create drama.
Bold abstract work can form a focus in this room.
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