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by:Frank Tech     2019-10-12
Criminals love it when we give them places that are easy to hide.
The issue between Apple and the FBI about obtaining data on criminals smartphones is brewing, and it seems like a whole new area, apparently correct in one respect --
No one had an Apple phone 10 years ago.
However, from another point of view, we have crossed this bridge many times before --
There are more precedents to learn from than people may realize.
The reason why Tim Cook didn\'t help investigators access the data in this smartphone is essentially this: If Apple does this to enable the FBI to access the phone, then, it will open Pandora\'s box for them to access any mobile phone in the future and damage all personal data of one person.
Did people have private data 50 years ago?
Of course they know.
50 years ago, people have business letters, private notes, romantic letters, photos, suggestive videos, legal records, evidence of illegal activities, ledgers, phone conversations hiding felony in real ledgers, receipts, bills, etc. record.
Everyone has a set of personal and private data that, if understood and reviewed, will make any reasonable person feel uncomfortable.
This is not even new to our society.
What did people do to protect their files and data at that time?
Of course, safes and banks were used, but file cabinets with locks and keys were also used.
Then, most people will most likely keep every important piece of information about their private life --decades of it -
Locked in file cabinet
There is no cloud, database, or computer.
Has the basic content of our private life changed?
I know that the containers that hold information about our private lives have changed and become more complex, in fact, my life may be more complex due to technical reasons,, do I create more personal life today than my grandfather?
Our computers and smartphones only contain the same basic information in digital format, isn\'t that the case?
Smartphones contain letters, private notes, romantic letters, photos, suggestive videos, legal records, evidence of illegal activities, telephone conversation records, receipts, bills, and possibly even ledgers and ghost ledgers.
In terms of personal data, in fact, filing cabinets may contain more information because paper files have been accumulated for decades, while smartphones tend to be shorter and replaced every few years.
When locked file cabinets were invented and everyone started using them, the FBI began executing a search warrant that allowed them to grab all the private details of someone\'s life, did people protest and make the sign \"don\'t break into my filing cabinet? \"?
Is there any concern about the landslide as the government may come to our house and take our filing cabinet with details of our life? Not really, no.
I wonder why not?
Obviously, it\'s not like people spend their lives in other places like the cloud or the database.
Most people store their personal data in file cabinets and lock it in.
Usually, I will be there all my life.
Isn\'t this as important to people as smartphones are to people today?
Why are we not more nervous about the FBI seizing our filing cabinet?
The answer is simple. The FBI needs to follow due process.
They need a warrant to take my file.
I\'m not a criminal, so I never worry about it.
We can go further in our history.
For a century after the country was built, there was no locked file cabinet.
Does the founder or their child have no private life because there is no filing cabinet or smartphone?
They have a lot of personal and private letters, they have ledgers and so on, and that\'s all their life for them.
Is their privacy valuable?
What\'s the difference?
Thomas Jefferson has a very rich life.
I bet he has a way to protect his personal information and he may have a lot of things to keep confidential.
Isn\'t his home the container of his personal life in his time, including all the uncomfortable details?
That is why the Constitution clearly states that the government cannot enter a person\'s home without a warrant;
However, with legal authorization, the government has the right or even the obligation to enter a person\'s home.
You think people held a sign and said, \"Don\'t break into our house! \"?
In the days of Jefferson, is it not as intrusive as having the authorities take my filing cabinet?
The latter will not be more intrusive as filing cabinets happen to be better at keeping all of our information in one place.
In any case, this is the whole personal life of a person.
The only thing that changed was the container.
Jefferson was willing to take that risk, as did the father who we later used the filing cabinet, even though they had personal profiles and the private life full of data was as real and important to them as we were.
There is no essential difference.
If I invented a filing cabinet that only the owner can enter, so that if someone else tries to enter, the cabinet will destroy what\'s inside, then what\'s the problem? No -
They have full rights if someone wants to break their data.
This is their data.
But what if the criminals start using my filing cabinet?
Is it not important for investigators and prosecutors to access these documents for public safety?
Will we want a society? Because my invention works so well, every criminal is always hiding documents that the law cannot touch.
Wouldn\'t this give criminals a big advantage?
If I, as an inventor, have the ability to help investigators get into the files of dangerous criminals, isn\'t it my duty to do so under the Constitution? To execute a legal search warrant?
More sharply, if I refuse to help, the reason is that by helping them, they can enter the file of anyone, and I am not just obstructing constitutional justice and putting society at risk?
I\'m still alive when smartphones and computers are fictional, so I have the advantage of seeing both sides.
In terms of physical technology, in terms of containers, we are certainly in a new field.
However, in terms of the personal life record, there is no substantial difference in terms of the content that investigators with warrants are \"invading.
The data is still the data, the file is still the file, no matter where we store the details, our whole life is still our whole life.
For centuries, we have recognized the need for governments to make full use of private property and private life --
That\'s why the Constitution says we use a search warrant.
They should all be fully enforced according to the law.
If we give a safe haven for criminal activity, Pandora\'s box will open.
Tim Cook is trying to establish an agreement that will allow anti-social people and other known dangers to our community to hide all their footprints.
This will certainly be a tool that people use to do great harm and get away with it.
How will we sue them if there is no evidence?
I know it feels like a new field.
But it seems to me that people should relax and work with the Constitution and federal investigators who are engaged in important wars with terrorism and crime.
Investigators may not be our enemies unless we break the law, but criminals must be our enemies --
We have recognized this for over 200 years.
This problem has been solved long ago.
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