can your office chair cause hip pain?

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-28
Do you really think a good office chair will not cause hip pain?
If you do, the reality will surprise you.
Chair makers may be sweet to say, but the truth is that even the most comfortable office chair can give you hip pain after a full day of work.
It sounds a little scary, isn\'t it?
Well, there are two main reasons for hip pain in the office chair: the presence of the contour seat and the use of the wrong hipjoint angle.
Let\'s find out what these two are. 1.
A well-outlined seat profile or engraved seat, like a slightly raised seat on the side than in the middle, is not good at health of the hips at all.
In most cases, the office chair with a contour seat is able to withstand hip pain.
This fact is not widely known.
That\'s why so many people made a mistake, bought a well-outlined chair at the beginning, and later changed a similar model.
These people do not know what situation they are in, but make the same mistake again and again.
The good news is that even if you have a contoured chair, you can adjust it to make it less serious for your hips.
You can fold the towel carefully or take a pillow and place it in a well-outlined place to make the rest area flat or flat.
If money is not a problem, you can even go further and replace your well-outlined chair with a flat seat.
However, for many, the latter option may not be very practical because most good office chairs with flat seats cost a lot of money. 2.
Use of a wrong hip
Joint angle pain can occur if you rely on a bad hip
There is also joint angle. Hip-
The joint angle is the angle between the hips and the torso as you sit in the chair. A bad hip-
Joint angles can cause not only hip pain, but also several other health problems.
What is a good hip? joint angle?
An ideal hip angle was 135 degrees, a study found.
Does this look like a surprise?
If so, you are not alone.
Most people think the answer is 90 degrees!
Anyway, when you\'re sitting in a chair, the best thing you can do if you want to reach an ideal angle of 135 degrees is to notice the position of the knee relative to the hip.
If you find your knees at a higher level than your hips while sitting, then you need to drop the chair a little.
It\'s a charming and most people don\'t even think about some important things because of the hip
The angle of the joint while sitting in the chair.
Not to mention, many people are reluctant to look at the various adjustments in the chair even before buying it.
They just look at the price and style of the chair and make a decision based on that.
If you want to have a healthy hip that won\'t make you feel any pain, you need to take the time to adjust your hipjoint angle.
Remember, the wrong hip.
Joint angle is not only related to hip pain.
A bad angle can also hurt your disc.
If you\'re not careful, your office chair will definitely hurt your hips.
But as long as you keep a good hip
While you are sitting, the joint angle and the use of a chair containing a flat seat, hip pain should not be an issue.
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