can my tailbone pain be cured?

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-25
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It\'s Dr on Wednesday.
Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.
Will in Denver asked, Colorado, I\'m an ordinary man.
Healthy and slightly overweight.
Last year, at the challenge of a friend, I rode a 50-mile bike without any training.
I successfully completed 50 miles, although my tailbone was very sore after riding.
I thought it was for the time being to continue my life.
However, it still hurts a year later when I sit down.
I don\'t know where to start except to see my regular doctor.
Is this something that can be cured or can I do lifelong damage to the tailbone?
The expert answers dear will, I think you already know that strenuous exercise is not a good idea without proper preparation for training.
That being said, the medical term for pain in the tail is pain in the tail.
It is usually caused by trauma, and conservative treatment usually gets better in a few weeks, but sometimes it takes months to improve.
The tailbone is a projection of the base of the spine.
It consists of bone, cartilage and fibers.
When a person is sitting, the tailbone will bear the weight.
Some muscles that control defecation are attached to the tailbone, and the injured tailbone may be painful when defecating and tightening the anal canal.
There is no national incidence of this, but pain in the tailbone is a fairly common problem.
Busy primary care physicians usually look at several cases each year.
It is more common among women than men.
It is rare among children.
The most common reason is the trauma caused by falling back into the sitting position.
Other reasons include repetitive minor trauma caused by sitting for a long time.
People not only get it from a long bike ride, but also from sitting in a car or plane for a long time.
Sitting on a hard surface is more likely to cause this.
During vaginal delivery, women will have tailbone disease due to trauma.
Obesity is a major risk factor for men and women.
The diagnosis of tail bone pain is made through the patient\'s history of pain and trauma and physical examination.
During the examination, the doctor can usually reproduce the symptoms by direct pressure on the tailbone.
The initial treatment was conservative, using non-steroid pain drugs such as ibuprofen or that proxen;
Protect the area with donuts or wedge pillows;
Alternate application of hot and cold packaging.
Patients with pain after good conservative treatment for more than three months deserve further evaluation, which may include X-
Rays of the pelvis and tailbone
Very few patients need to be treated with local anesthetic or local anesthetic and steroids injected directly into the tailbone area.
In a very rare case of long-term pain without improvement, the tailbone can be removed by surgery.
This operation is called tail bone resection.
Tibetan hair cyst is also a possible cause of pain in the tail bone.
My tailbone broke in 1998, and when I was sitting and getting up for a long time, the tailbone was still in pain.
Symptoms of pain in the tailbone at rise are typical dislocation of the tailbone because the joints between the tailbone and sacrum are damaged, or the joints between the tailbone fragments are damaged.
For more details, see.
I strongly recommend doing some pelvic strengthening exercises to enhance the core muscles in this part of the body.
I am in pain because nothing else you describe can be treated other than this exercise.
Is this not caused by \"hip reduction syndrome?
Try massage or physiotherapy.
This will bring things back to balance and help strengthen the injured areas.
I fell off a horse and then scratched it again-the pain became so unbearable, so much so that I went to the orthopedic doctor to get a shot of the kicker-it helped for a while-my friend recommended acupuncture-my doctor took a shot before the injection, then I went-I had no pain after 6 visits!
After we had a shot, the joints were basically not inflamed and continued to be normal.
A few years later, I relapsed again-back to the doctor who told me to go straight to the doctor-and again-I found relief.
She\'s a Chinese doctor in Richardson, Texas-great! Was she hot?
I did the same thing and slipped off the ponies back.
I finally went to a masseur who was able to do something to fix it.
No problem since then, oh, at least 30 years later.
I sat in the office chair and slowly became a chronic, painful pain in the tail (like my butt)
Not enough padding.
A year sitting on a bungee jumpcord-
The seat leather office chair was cleaned up.
Good luck to you.
I used to be sitting in an leather office chair with pain in my tail.
My doctor encouraged me to \"gain weight \".
\"From then on, I was very picky about the chair and the pain finally disappeared.
I am a person who is extremely injured by riding a bicycle to the tailbone.
I\'m 53 years old and overweight, but that doesn\'t stop me from going skiing in last December.
I had a good time until I was still sitting on my sledge when a kid\'s sledge hit me.
I gave it time but it started to get worse.
I went to a lawyer and she helped.
The key is to let the blood return to that area because the nerves need blood to heal.
It helps, but you also need to make sure you don\'t get it hurt again after sitting too long.
I fell straight on my tailbone, on the ice (
This is Minnesota)
When I was 8 years old, it hurt until about 23 years old.
I thought it would never go away and one day I realized I was no longer in pain.
I would say try this exercise and if it doesn\'t work right away and it doesn\'t work for me, try acupuncture.
Don\'t wait for it to go.
You may have to wait a long time.
About ten years ago, I suffered the same damage after an extended bike ride (
I am not overweight).
The pain in my tailbone was cruel and lasted for more than a year;
After many visits, MRIs, X-rays, prescription drugs, etc. were reviewed.
I was told by an orthopedic doctor, \"it looks like you have to live with it.
\"It\'s not good enough for me! !
Because I live in Cleveland, I found a bone specialist at the Cleveland Clinic;
His first question was, \"Did you take a loose needle ? \"
\"Of course I don\'t.
The effect of Komatsu takes two weeks to feel, and I need a second injection about six months later.
After that, I was permanently cured.
The lesson is, don\'t give up and find the best experts you can find!
I recently had a broken tail and I was debating my treatment options.
I had a lot of loose injections at the Cleveland Clinic for unrelated situations.
Can you tell me the name of the doctor who gave you the injection?
After ten years of suffering (
I am an equestrian player)
, I had severe pain during the ride and I couldn\'t stand it anymore.
I don\'t respond to steroids.
Ordinary X-rays were interpreted as arthritis, but MRI showed a shift in the tail bone.
I had a tail bone resection with a surgeon who was considered an expert in this procedure.
It completely relieved my pain and I was able to get back to the sport I liked.
If the conservative measures fail, I strongly recommend that you do the surgery-but make sure your surgery is done by a surgeon who does it more than once or twice a year.
The surgeon I saw was referred around the West Coast and I was one of the two cases he did that day.
It\'s a technically difficult surgery, but it\'s well worth it-much better than the advice I received initially, \"learn to live with it\"-athletes will never want to hear it. (
My surgeon is in UCSD).
I was with UCSD myself and had a similar problem.
Can you tell me the name of the doctor?
See my reply below: both bone pain and endometrial pain feel the same, but for different reasons.
My masseur slowly solved the problem and it was no longer painful.
I can sit for a few hours except for a hard bench, the cost of the masseur (
3 times a week, then 2 times, then once, then every other time, then check)
Still much lower than co-
Pay for one operation for it.
I \'ve been fighting the pain in the tail since I fell.
I found it helpful to roll on tennis, whether it\'s sitting on it or lying on the back.
Some of our parents could stand in the corner of the stadium fence and watch our children\'s sporting events instead of sitting in the bleachers.
We have been sitting in the hard stands for many years \".
From the military band to track and field, from the biggest child to the youngest, I spent 15 years in the bleachers as an observer or parent volunteer.
It caught up with me this year and had to get my tailbone x-rayed.
Standing had the pain gone, so some of our parents stood by the fence.
The long bus trip solved the problem.
The laws all live 12 hours away-so more time to rest on a car trip and I\'m all in less timelaws (whoo-hoo! ).
That\'s why the Wright brothers invented the plane so people don\'t have to stay in the car for 12 hours!
Three trips per year from the Detroit Metro to New Jersey X two years, three years, four years or five people X 30 years-
Never had or will not have the dough needed for this flight!
We drove 240,000 miles in the Dodge van;
Sales of Chevrolet, Ford and Primus reached 200,000.
The RV is still on the road unless someone stole it and broke it.
It\'s still cheaper to drive.
Tailbone pain or tailbone pain is also treated by a trained pelvic floor physical therapist.
To find one in your area, you can visit the \"Find a PT\" section on the website of the American Physiotherapy Association (
Under the \"practice area\", select \"women\'s health \".
You should be treated with PT for advanced certified courses in pelvic floor physical therapy.
A pelvic floor-
The trained PT can perform an internal or external examination of the tailbone to assess whether the pelvic floor muscles are spasm (hypertonic)
Whether the tailbone is pulled into a bend, stretch, or spin.
In addition, the PT should evaluate other bone structures of the pelvis as well as muscles and ligaments.
The PT should also teach you Core Programs for stretching and gradual reinforcement, as well as good physical mechanics so that the pain does not recur. Good luck!
The doctor told me that I have PFD, its tailbone is really annoying, I will be sore when I lean back, if you understand what I mean, it will be at the bottom of my Basin and?
Do you think I should remove the tailbone?
As an adult, I hurt my tailbone sled in a year\'s time and suffered the same amount of pain in a year\'s time.
Then I went to the doctor.
Who did acupuncture?
He used a technology called moxbuyion.
After 2 to 3 treatments, completely healed.
If conservative treatment does not help and your pain is sitting and standing can relieve it, consider the genital nerve card pressure before removing the tailbone.
This is a nerve pain that occurs in people riding bicycles, but it may be mistaken for a pain in the tail.
I was sitting wrong, pain in the tailbone, dysfunction in the pelvic floor, I had IC and two other questions.
When I have a pain in my back, it hurts at the bottom of my Basin and in the privacy area, I am a female.
So I don\'t know what to do to get rid of the tailbone. .
So it will stop suffering forever. .
If it\'s just bone pain, a good gentle masseur can help;
Make sure it\'s the right doctor, though.
Women can transfer pain from the endometrium, which is the case in many women.
If EMS enters the space below the abdomen, it hurts the lower back every day and feels like a spine, like a sting or sledgehammer.
Sometimes sports activities (
Like 50 miles by bike)
Because it gives EMS a chance to settle in the wrong place, it will stay as soon as it gets there.
To see a very good gynecologist. surgeon (
Also, make sure that it is a doctor with extensive experience in this area;
Ask the EMS Association)
If the masseur is not working.
There are other reasons, including cancer;
Real expert advice is needed to solve this problem;
A good primary school-care doctor.
My husband\'s primary care doctor gave him the opposite.
The desspas of \"irritable bowel syndrome\", but we found that my husband had advanced cancer.
Don\'t just wait for any pain to disappear on its own, even if you think the reason is over --exercise.
The pain in the tail caused by the injury will never disappear.
Like my ex. girlfriend.
I got a needle in my ass because hayfever
When I got out of the Doctor
I can\'t walk in the office.
My tailbone has been hurting for about three months and I was wondering if the nurse hit the nerve on my hip. i had an x-
Ray, there\'s nothing wrong.
I only hurt when I\'m sitting.
I have been suffering from tailbone pain for more than two years.
No trauma.
MRI and X after multiple CT scans
Dr. Rays finally came to the conclusion that my tailbone has arthritis and may have something to do with the length of time sitting in an leather office chair.
I took four shots to relax.
The doctor plans to have a nerve blockage next.
I was told that I should not consider removing the tailbone.
All the places that get arthritis
I\'m in pain?
Try the masseur first.
My tailbone was also injured when I first got hurt (and last! LOL)
Ski class, pain for a couple of months until I was able to visit my masseuse-he made an adjustment and it was well fixed-I was 32, although it was an awkward process, I am very grateful to him for being able to solve my pain so quickly.
That\'s why I comment, and I suggest you go to a chiropractor who might be able to make adjustments for you.
When I was a child, I used to be kicked by someone twice as big as me, and it took about a year for the pain to leave, which was a very soaring thing.
Try a good masseur.
It sounds like the doctor read it directly from the 1950s medical dictionary! !
Regarding our cancer doctor, this should only be treated by chiropractors or accupuncturist. Surgery. . . . . . Really?
When I was a teenager, I hurt my tailbone while skiing, and the pain lasted for more than ten years.
Nine years ago, my tailbone was dislocated and went through every treatment mentioned above.
I finally removed the tailbone last year.
My injury has stretched out all the ligaments and fixed the tailbone in place & quoted surgoen as \"loose, falling \".
\"No one ever wants to hear what is usually a fairly stable bone part.
It\'s been 8 months now and the only problem I have with residual pain is that it\'s cold outside or it\'s a big day.
Do you think it is worth removing the tailbone and stopping the pain?
My 9 pound baby made a number on my tailbone nearly 8 years ago and I still have lingering pain.
Riding in the car for a long time is the worst.
I want to know that this kind of thing is a comfort. normal.
Try the masseur.
The cost will be much cheaper than surgery and will solve the problem as well, rather than covering up the problem like shooting.
Adjustments to the tailbone are not common, but please call around and find someone familiar with the tailbone.
Your best choice is a masseur who specializes in treating babies.
What is not mentioned in this article is chiropractic massage.
My chiro completely solved my tailbone pain.
Good news, similar problems.
Tell me three 600 mg.
Every 24 hours a day there are tablets in ibphulin and it takes a few weeks to get into my system.
I have no pain after two weeks.
I will get off the bus from time to see if I need it, I will, and the pain is gone as soon as I come back.
There are other things you can do in addition to looking for permanent relief, but if you are like me, you want something that works now.
This works for me.
Years later, I had back surgery for another problem and the surgery ended up giving permenant a sigh of relief.
When I gave birth to my first child 23 years ago, my tailbone fell.
My doctor checked if it was \"out of the joint \".
No, it\'s a serious injury.
I am in pain until today!
After sitting for a while. .
I\'m going to go from my cheek to my cheek and get up slowly! !
I don\'t want to tell you this could be a pain of a lifetime (in the butt)!
There are two new areas of physiotherapy that can help people with lower back pain/hip pain/tailbone pain. . .
Healthy Women, healthy men.
Because it is new, most people in the medical profession are not familiar with it.
I have 5 years of chronic tailbone pain and this area of physiotherapy practice has helped me a lot!
Women\'s Health also helps to relieve pain during pregnancy and pain after delivery.
These two areas of PT can also help in the treatment of incontinence. Check it out!
After I had my first child weighing more than 9 lbs, the tailbone was in pain for more than a year.
Five years later, I rode a bike in the yard and hit a bump, and the pain started again and lasted for a year.
I try to stay away from the bike now. Hi.
My name is Brenda. I want to ask why my tailbone hurts so badly.
It all started two hours after I sat on the floor.
I know it hurts when I go from sitting to standing.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Most doctors say there is no cure.
I had 4 years of chronic tailbone pain after my child was born 5.
I tried everything, chiropractic, Tylenol and aleve, ice and heat, local cream, physiotherapy, pelvic floor therapy, injection of cortical hormone, special seat cushion, although the injection gave me a sigh of relief in a short period of time.
I was recently referred to a rheumatism scientist for other joint pain.
He asked for Bao.
This change didn\'t happen overnight, and it took me nearly 2 months before I started noticing improvements in the joints.
Then I realized that my tailbone was improving as well and the pain was completely gone.
After taking celebrex 200 mg twice a day for 6 months, I had no pain and felt like my life was back again!
I hope this will help others.
I started an exercise program and I started all 4 S with 9 points.
The weight of 5 lbs of sand tied to the thigh, I think I may have done something that hurts the tailbone. (Coccyx)
Both Trampoline k and Trampoline are sore. (
I have kids so I can\'t just lie around)
Anyway, it\'s been about 6 months now.
I asked my doctor an unrelated question in her office.
She didn\'t even do anything about it, let alone answer my question.
I am concerned that this may be colon cancer or some other type of cancer because I have read stories about the pain in the tail bone caused by colon cancer.
I need to make anoth my doctor and see if she can do anything (
Maybe a colonoscopy. I am 29.
I think things like this are too young.
I also recently developed panic disorder and started coordinating for my ADHD.
I don\'t have insurance. I just went crazy because I was worried.
Nicole and all the people who are in pain, look at this chair and pass it on to the people who are sitting all day, whether young or old.
Everyone needs it.
* This is useful for me, so I stumbled upon a chair called Carmichael Throne.
This is the most ingenious idea I have ever seen or felt.
The unique passage in the center of the chair reduces the stress of sitting all day and also reduces excessive exposure and negative tailbone pressure.
Before I found out about this, I always felt like I was sitting at tennis, but after sitting in this chair for a few weeks now that feeling is gone and I bought it myself.
I recommend this to all of you sitting in an office environment all day long.
If you buy one of these chairs, you won\'t regret it!
If these drugs have been in pain for years, but they don\'t work? ? ?
I \'ve had an X-ray, but the doctor said I could walk, no problem.
I stood and a heavy object pushed me to the wall, exerting a great force on my tailbone and hearing a loud noise.
Now I really want me to die and continue to have this problem.
The components of the content are quite good.
I just stumbled upon your site and joined the capital, claiming that I actually enjoyed your blog post.
Anyway, I\'ll subscribe to your supplement and you\'ll be able to get in fast all the time, even if I get there.
I \'ve had two very serious car accidents, one in 2005 and I almost cut my left foot off, but thank God, William zulzebosh and Dr. MCV, my feet! !
My accident in 2010, my back fracture, collapsed lungs, pelvic fracture and some left leg injuries left me with severe chronic pain, especially at my tail
Trust me, I thank God for saving my life, but sometimes the pain makes me so sad and depressed. I have had MRI.
X-rays, nerve blocks, various needles, percoset, morphine, ibuprofen and acupuncture have not been relieved once.
I have no life because I can hardly work.
The doctor seems to have given up, acting as if I was making up for the pain, as if I was crazy.
I\'m tired. I want to give up, but I won\'t.
I pray to God for relief and will continue to pray.
My husband is the Messenger of God and helps me as much as he can, but he also suffers from back pain, so when he is sick I get strength from God to help him and vice versa.
I also have a beautiful Maltese named Marlow who is always by my side and makes me happy.
Let me know if anyone can help or know something that might be helpful.
On 2007, five years ago, I had a boating accident.
I have a pelvic fracture other than the other ones.
After 7 months I was back in health and now 5 years later my tailbone suddenly started to hurt as I lay on my back & I had to lean forward and sit.
I have no pressure on that area. Bone scan, x-
The light, and what is shown by a colonosopy.
Ibuprophen did not actually provide relief.
Now I have been taking Celebrex for a week and have seen progress.
The doctor told me five years ago that I was injured.
Maybe ago caused thritus in my tailbone.
I pray every day and I don\'t have to live with this for the rest of my life and take Celebrex with me.
A year ago, a health center, the risk of cannabis detoxification will continue due to the incorrect two germination processes.
Maybe this child can\'t continue to grow this plant mainly, this is your diet, one side.
There is no doubt that although this will necessarily affect 16 medical cannabis states, there are still some pharmacy owners.
This amazing reversal has medical marijuana for doctors or younger (
18 years or more)to do this.
These will be used as an alternative treatment, but will be of great benefit to tobacco, or a glass of wine or bourbon.
With the approval of the Doctor, the health of the medical and tobacco free management team is better.
How to legally plant smoke for medical treatment, do they not think it is reasonable to carry the patient\'s tumor and pancreatic tumor anonymously?
There is also a very critical point to keep in mind, but the article can do something normal.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on dr.
Cnbrawley-an expert in health status of cnnhealth.
No matter what time, I have read a few small articles that are also clear about their motives, and this has happened to the article I am reading now.
These are great ideas about blogs.
You touched some good things here.
We can move on in any way.
Whatever you do, be careful with Carmichael King seat. . .
Their chairs are not for everyone and if you return them they will charge a 25% restocking fee!
In my opinion, their chairs are built for the adults, not a great site you have here. .
It\'s hard to find high-quality works like you right now.
I really appreciate people like you! Take care! !
I broke my tailbone 1st times when I was 14.
Then broke it again during delivery in 2006 and again in 2008 after my 3rd pregnancy.
After nine months of intense pain, my doctorfinally x-rayed it.
The bottom 4 bones that make up the tailbone have been completely broken from the spine and then 2 more.
So while I was sitting, I was sitting on a broken bone.
When I stand, it slides to the back of my spine.
The back surgeon removed the tailbone.
When I was on a two week check, I was more miserable than I was before and just felt bad.
I didn\'t even go to the doctor. , just his PA.
I tried to tell him what was wrong and he thought I had just taken more painkillers.
By 10: 00 in the afternoon, I was lying on the floor in the hallway and wanted to die!
My husband finally got home and took me to the emergency room. They life-
Took me to Salt Lake City. I had sepsis.
I stayed in the hospital for 4 days, took intravenous antibiotics, and then took it orally for another 2 weeks.
Intense pain has never disappeared.
I feel like a doctor.
Did a crappy job at first.
Now my physician has told me that I will suffer from chronic pain in my later life.
It hurts 24 hours.
I hope there are other things besides drugs that will eliminate the pain.
Even so, I still feel pain whenever I sit.
Even if I lay aside.
I have overcompensated and tried to avoid sitting straight.
I sat down on my hips. .
So now I\'m sitting with a hip problem on it.
I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas or suggestions! !
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