can i recycle floor mats?

by:Frank Tech     2020-02-25
This is twice our recycling function today, looking at the often confusing and contradictory recycling policies in Southern California cities.
Related case: plastic floor mat--
The kind often used under tables and chairs at home or at work ---
It is usually made of polypropylene or flexible PVC tiles and can be recycled in blue bins in Los Angeles.
However, large cushions can block the sorting screen of the recycling facility.
If the mats can be safely cut into pieces that are easy to put into the blue bin, they can be recycled.
Can not enter the mat of the blue bin, too damaged to donate, can be collected free of charge through the bulky mat
Pick up items by calling 3-1-
But they will not be recycled.
Because the policies and suggestions of each city may vary, we ask the officials of each city to conduct a sample survey every week.
Can you recycle the plastic floor mat? . . Culver City: No.
Glendale: Yes, if cut to fit inside the recycle bin. Long Beach: No.
Los Angeles: Yes, if the mat is polypropylene or flexible PVC, you can put it in a blue box if the mat is small enough.
Manhattan Beach: Yes, if they are completely plastic. Riverside: Yes.
Santa Barbara: Yes, if it\'s plastic. 1, 2, 4 or 5.
Santa Monica: No.
Also: File: Can I recycle it? . . ?
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