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by:Frank Tech     2020-07-23
Along with the rapid development of modern Internet technology, many traditional Internet companies have transformation to implement online orders, offline signing contract model. This leads to most of the employees in the company stay time is not long. Desk as an indispensable part of the more need to have a good layout, avoid affecting the business of the enterprise. Orientation is very important, first then desk toward the feng shui which pay attention to? Small make up together to get to know about this knowledge. 1, seats avoid back door and door is the port office, back door and sit in the fengshui is called 'cold wind blow back'. Can make the person is in a state of unconscious nervous, doubt someone peeking, easy to cause the thoughts mixed and disorderly, decision-making errors. So the desk should be in as far as possible to the orientation of the back door, not can choose high back chair to sit. 2. Avoid sitting in the aisle side window is another air inlet, office will be incorporated into angry or ShaQi, also easy to have noise, the noise. Concentration of thinking will affect the staff. So the desk should as far as possible away from Windows, or use the curtain to cover. 3. Avoid after a backer. Desk toward geomancy taboo have? Seat behind no patron will affect the person's business. The 'anchor' the wall in the office, so the desk seats to put against the wall. 4. Avoid coping beam coping beams can make the person produces depressive feeling, adverse aura, probably so often make mistakes by boss. Under crossbeam desk should be avoided, there is no way you can buy a few root with the adornment of the gourd vine winding in the above ( Gourd with disease, the function with ShaQi) , already beautiful, also can dissolve the beam ShaQi coping. Guangzhou office furniture - — 15 years focused on whole producing custom office furniture enterprise, is committed to 'fashion simple, environmental protection, no peculiar smell, high-end atmosphere' of all series of office furniture, for enterprises to build exclusive fashion personality, contracted and modern office space. If your companies have just office furniture procurement requirements, might as well know about the office furniture, we will tailor exclusive for you free your office furniture overall solution welcome your enquiries: 400 - 028 - 1816
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