big and tall office chairs - buying guide

by:Frank Tech     2019-11-15
As a whole day, sometimes 10-
Working on a computer for 12 hours in a row, I understand that comfortable chairs are necessary.
Recently, after many neck pains and backache, I went to buy a new office chair.
As a person who is larger than the average, it is not easy to find the right chair.
I also have a limited budget, which is less than $350.
So I know I need a big and tall office chair, but where do I find it?
It took me a few days to visit the local office supplies store, such as Staples and Office warehouses, as well as some local professional office furniture stores, but the choice of these chairs was frustrating, the price of the store is also not within my budget.
Discouraged, I listed the features I was looking for on a high quality, large and high office chair: 1.
Ergonomic Design 2.
Waist support 3.
Edge of waterfall seat 4.
Pneumatic height adjustment 5.
Large backrest and seating 6.
Leather material 7. Sturdy 8.
Easy assemblyI decided to check it out online.
After multiple searches, I found a chair that was both big and tall and it met all my criteria and also my budget.
I purchased Cloude\'s big and tall executive chairman at Amazon.
It arrived three days later and I assembled it in less than 30 minutes and it looked great.
After using the chair for a few weeks, I can say that I am very happy with my purchase.
Feeling comfortable and strong, I can sit inside for a long time without bothering me with my neck or back.
It took some time to search, but I found a large and tall office chair in the budget with all the features I needed.
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