big and tall chairs - finding the right fit

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-11
As a smaller person, I have never really thought about what it looks like for a larger person.
Of course, that\'s not to say I\'m closed.
I\'m just saying that sometimes the idea of walking in someone else\'s shoes can be an elusive concept, not to mention considering what a larger person looks like in finding a big and tall chair for the office.
I sometimes forget how it feels to find an office chair that suits me.
In the distant past, I struggled with elbow problems, and in the not too distant past, shoulder pain.
Needless to say, I blame it all on my office and home office chair.
I just don\'t understand.
Now, I totally understand.
Therefore, although the majority of the male and female population is between 4\'5\' and 6\' 0, the weight is 100-
200 pounds, sometimes ignoring the bigger side of the population. Not so anymore.
I \'ve been in the office from one end of the continent to the other, seeing someone 6\' 6 and 250-
275 pounds try to put in a chair of the normal size.
They raised their shoulders and knees above the waist line, and the oblique muscles pressed tightly on the armrest.
Needless to say, they don\'t look comfortable at all. Now-a-
The chair in the office is large and high, stylish, comfortable and reliable, and most importantly adjustable.
For higher stouter body types, they are ergonomic and have an enhanced support system that can withstand up to 500 pounds depending on the model selected.
A good office chair can reduce the pressure on the thighs, elbows, back, neck, wrist and some other related parts.
So even though these big and tall chairs have higher backs and wider seating, they work just as well as other office chairs.
As with any leather office chair purchase, it is important to go around and find a reputable dealer who really knows what the person sitting in the chair should do.
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