Better maintenance of office furniture in different periods

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-25
Foshan office furniture has gradually been widely used now, let's needs in the process of application related measures for the maintenance of and in the different maintenance measures, information on this subject, let's specific know? Well, next to define our below: 1, office leather office couch, ordinary maintenance: A. If the desktop is stained with dust, start with feather duster to remove dust, clean cloth to clean. B。 Normal maintenance use not depilate clean dishcloth, twist dry touching water is swabbed can. As far as possible to prevent use too hard or rough cloth or unclean cloth scrub, in order to prevent damage to the product appearance. 2, we should make efforts to repair and maintenance: if the product use for some time, the products look some many chafing or scratches, as long as the renovation of service way back to the factory, the factory after, as new products, can cut down the cost of replacement. 3, in the normal operation of note: A. As class stage desk choose wood veneer, is a natural product, different batch of products delivery there will be some color difference of colour and lustre. B。 If the desktop to touch oily be soiled, content to general cleaning is swabbed can. Should try to prevent the use of scouring the product with high volatile oil scrub. C。 To make the film shape, desktop should try to prevent placed plastic pad. D。 Try to prevent the use of brightening agent, the oil quality leather office couch simple chemical change desktop bleaching and attack. When the desktop attack albino sight should be back to the factory repair. Foshan office furniture in different period of the method is to maintain the first of these, we must make the corresponding operation in usual, and pay attention to the above matters, only such ability to cut the repairs as far as possible, then protection of the useful leather office couch appearance and use life.
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