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by:Frank Tech     2020-07-19
Now furniture quality office furniture market, must pay special attention when selected. Can't be fooled by the appearance of the furniture. So before choosing furniture can go to the market to do more to understand more, shop around, so don't cheated when buying, then look at guangzhou office furniture small make up is how to say! Attention: office furniture of choose and buy a see: the material of furniture to furniture of choose and buy should choose environmental protection material, environmental protection furniture according to the material can be divided into the plate furniture, cloth art furniture, solid wood furniture, etc. , either qualitative furniture, first ensure that must be healthy. When buy so we can see whether there are related to the quality inspection report. Smell: smells can't stimulate furniture have excitant odour, if the smell is irritating, so need to pay attention to. The heavier irritating smell, meaning that may exist formaldehyde is higher, cautious to buy. Note 3 touch: furniture of choose and buy paint to smooth also look at furniture paint, paint also is to have a harm to human body, can touch the, whether smooth, look at the paint will paint, generally good quality furniture, is doing very good in the paint. Examines four: four feet is four feet whether level off, smooth the furniture can sit on the first try, look to whether can, if there is sound, quality has a problem, that shows furniture is not strong. Five inspection: the water content and water content of local flat look at furniture, the furniture of high moisture content is easy to appear the phenomenon such as crack, deformation, apart, so in the choose and buy when had better choose good drying technology manufacturers. Six view: sealing side whether level off when furniture of choose and buy can see sealing side whether level off, usually nailhole is sealed, if there is a nail, explain quality. So sealing side whether level off is also a manufacturer important factors, the poor quality of the manufacturer with manual sealing side, if the plate, and the poor quality in precision saws, plate edge banding gouges where whole pieces were missing, the choose and buy when you need to pay special attention to.
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