Australia probes sale of secret papers in filing cabinets

by:Frank Tech     2019-10-12
CANBERRA, Australia
The Australian government launched an emergency investigation Wednesday into the loss of thousands of confidential documents that were sold for two seconds.
Hand file cabinet.
A Canberra furniture store at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation sold the cabinets at a discounted price because they were locked and no one could find the keysreported.
ABC has yet to identify buyers to remove the lock with drills, and has not found thousands of cabinet documents and four prime ministers spanning more than a decade, most recently Tony Abbott.
On 2015, Malcolm Turnbull, the current prime minister, took over from Abbott.
Several companies in the so-called ex-
Government furniture in the capital Canberra.
The prime minister and the Cabinet department said that the boss of the department launched an emergency investigation into the disposal of the file cabinet.
According to ABC, almost all documents are confidential documents.
These categories include \"top secret\", \"sensitive\", \"Australian eyes only\" and \"cabinet-in-confidence.
\"ABC did not say when the file was found.
But in recent weeks, it has used them to cover stories that have embarrassed former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Abbott\'s former government and some serving lawmakers.
Asked about ABC\'s report on cabinet documents on Tuesday, Turnbull told reporters: \"I think they met someone\'s draw in Canberra. ”The state-
State-owned broadcasters said they chose not to report some documents for national security reasons.
The documents cover Australia\'s intelligence priorities and counter-terrorism plans.
They gave details on missile upgrades, suspected militants and Australia\'s desire to cooperate with Indonesia in 2010.
ABC said it was blocking asylum seekers from reaching the Australian coast on a fishing boat.
A document referred to an audit report that showed that the Australian Federal Police had lost nearly 400 national security files in five years, as of 2013.
The document also shows that a former finance minister has left 195
When her government was rejected in 2013, there were secret documents in her old office.
Documents left in the office
But not in the filing cabinet for sale.
Including the Middle East defense program, the national security briefing, the latest news of the war in Afghanistan, intelligence of Australia\'s neighbors and details of anti-terrorism operations.
Cabinet documents in Australia are usually kept confidential for 20 years and then made public in the form of a large number of edits.
Rory Medcalf, dean of the National Security Institute at Australian National University, described the discarded documents as \"very strange and embarrassing\" from a national security and political perspective \".
Metcalfe said Australian allies, including the United States, \"will be worried, but I will not exaggerate it . \".
He added: \"There is no catastrophic damage to national security, because it must be the case that Snowden has revealed . \" He was referring to the former United States. S.
S. National Security Agency (nsa) contractor Edward Snowden disclosed confidential materials in 2013.
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