Analytical solid wood office furniture how to maintain, will naturally beautiful and use fixed number of year longer?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-21
Many friends said, see the exhibition hall of solid wood office furniture has the phenomenon of cracking or buy their own back to solid wood office furniture soon cracking. Many people will cause in the factory production technology is not good, or quality inspection does not pass. Actually furniture cracking is normal, no crack were not real wood furniture. Even a lot of valuable rosewood furniture, when a lot of the pavilion exhibition there will be a cracking phenomenon, also needs to be fixed. A, solid wood cracking reason what? 1, wood is a kind of natural material, be made into furniture, as well as the characteristics of plant - — The change of the wet bilge drying shrinkage. It is still with the exchange of water, the air in the environment and with the change of relative humidity of contraction and expansion. Will be lost when the air is extremely dry, furniture furniture surface water and contraction cracks may occur. On the contrary, when the humidity increases, the furniture will absorb the moisture expansion slightly, to restore to its original state. In simple terms, craze is a kind of unique features solid wood office furniture. 2, due to the weather: winter temperature, dry, warm due to family needs, geothermal heating air-conditioning, adding to the dry degree of the indoor air, an acute shortage of water in wood, will dry and cracking. This is why a craze of real wood in winter frequency becomes very high. 3, improper use: some friends not good maintenance of expensive solid wood furniture, place it on the balcony window, let the 'baby' endure sunlight, or use too wet towel to wipe the dust off and freely move furniture, lead to damaged furniture framework, etc. These will affect the furniture of durability. Second, the real wood furniture how to maintain? 1, general solid wood furniture in the room, also to avoid the dry conditions for a long time, if in the exhibition hall of furniture, you need beside put a basin of water, maintain the humidity of the air. In order to keep the air moist, but does not mean the furniture into the water, so the French furniture, had better be in furniture foot pad dampproof mat, because the foot if be affected with damp be affected with damp, easy to deformation, deformation feet bear the weight of the body, furniture is the main body will be easy to crack. 2, regular wood oil daub: wood moisture can not only keep indoor air humidity to maintain, right terms, wood oil like skin moisturizing skin care products. Daub is on solid wood furniture, it will lock the moisture in wood, prevent weather-shack deformation furniture, and it is useful to prevent dry, not only in addition is also useful to prevent solid wood furniture is too wet. Every 3 - general advice 4 months wood oil can be used to conduct a comprehensive nursing. Three, real wood furniture? Under the condition of the furniture has cracked, we can through the following six steps quickly remedy of solid wood office furniture cracking problems: 1, prepare some waste newspapers, cut with scissors into crumbs. 2, add right amount of alum in wastepaper, stir well; 3, confetti and alum mixture into the prepared container, add a small amount of water, stir again; 4, the container above soft fire, cooked into a paste. In the process of cooking to stir; 5, and will be cooked paste filling in the mixture into the cracks of the solid wood furniture, allow it to dry naturally; 6, use paint pen or special furniture repair pen on fill the area with color, make its harmony with the whole furniture color. Solid wood office furniture compared with other material furniture is more natural and beautiful, as long as you diligently to maintain, service life is long!
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