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by:Frank Tech     2020-09-27
Amazing foshan office furniture experts say office furniture according to the materials used are divided into: solid wood furniture, board type furniture, software, office furniture, the cane makes up furniture, bamboo weaving, office furniture, metal leather office couch, steel-wood office furniture, and other materials such as glass, marble, ceramic, inorganic minerals, fiber fabric, resin and other office furniture. And foshan office furniture formally to carry out one by one, led by these classifications, the design of the creation. I guess this is it an amazing place! modelling diversity, not only lively and fresh straight line is still prevalent, and arc, circle, elliptic, petals and fresh design also set each other off becomes an interest. These curves are inadvertently play a disjunctive space, such as curve of joint human body structure and function. They all have a common characteristic, that is, a molding, during which no or few fittings, in order to save material and reduce the machining process. The design pay more attention to natural, environmental protection, thus the use of natural materials to make an issue of not a few. Some made from cane to make furniture with high-tech method, its ingenious design and beautiful, with Oriental emotional appeal, showed a high degree of artistic creativity. Also some design will combine design such as hemp, bamboo and stainless steel, glass, is trying to breakthrough and innovation on the combination of the material. In addition, like a sponge, textiles, plastics, etc. Also a lot of use in furniture. These specially processed material quality of a material soft, lower cost, is a good choice of the public areas. 正常的0 7。 0 2假假假EN - 8磅 美国古银 CN X - / *样式定义* /表。 MsoNormalTable{ 美索- 风格—— Name: ordinary form; 美索- tstyle - rowband - 大小:0; 美索- tstyle - colband - 大小:0; 美索- 风格—— noshow:是的; 美索- 风格—— 优先级:99; 美索- 风格—— parent:''; 美索- 填充, alt:0cm 5. 4 pt 0 5厘米。 4pt; 美索- para- 保证金:0厘米; 美索- para- 保证金, 底部:。 0001pt; 美索- 分页:寡妇- 孤儿; font- 大小:10。 0pt; font- 家庭:Times New Roman,衬线; }
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