All kinds of furniture market is how to correctly choose office furniture? 【 】

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-27
All kinds of furniture market is how to correctly choose office furniture? 1, coordinated with interior design and decoration style, furniture modelling, color, function, hardware collocation such as constitute a coherent conform to and consistent with the whole decorates a style. 2, combination of taste and fashion, every enterprise has its own industry characteristics, combined with modern fashion, create office furniture environment has its own unique characteristics, ideas and patterns. 3, choose more sturdy furniture. For not strong office furniture will be gravity caused deformation, now office needs to have a computer, printer, scanner, etc. , all these office supplies can not light? 4, office furniture price too low price. Price and value, the cost is often closely linked. Low prices of furniture is usually the cost is low, the quality is poor, the appearance and design are usually poor, also not what cultural value. Experienced purchasing all know, buy low price products, often have a lot of can't foresee the hidden danger, cause a lot of problems exist after the purchase, is regret. 5, craft wood veneered furniture basically see the grain of wood veneer, colour and lustre and the corners. If grain is not deep enough and exquisite, the wood veneer thickness is not enough. If not the natural color and have deep have shallow, paint process does not pass. If the corners are peeling, the newborn, the process does not pass, is can't buy the furniture. 6, contemporary and contracted style of indoor furniture, lamps and lanterns and furnishing articles are subject to the design theme of integral space. Furniture should be combined with the body posture and bone structure. Light is divided into light, background light and art lighting, different bedroom lighting effect should be the three types of organic combination; For the choice of furnishing articles and on location Settings, try to highlight the personality and aesthetic feeling. 7, because is board type furniture USES man-made board production, so no matter how, even for formaldehyde or smell of paint, so through the nose can preliminary judgment furniture is worth buying. 8 and risk factors. Some sharp corners and sharp edges and other furniture can constitute the injured interval choice need to be careful. 9, after-sale service this is very important, warranty and free repair, require furniture manufacturers have economic strength and rapid feedback service capability, service is the second product. You can choose a shop with closer from the company. So after the maintenance, repair is much more convenient.
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