adwords and me: exploring the mystery

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-13
I have spent $75,124 so far this year.
My Google AdWords campaign.
A little more than $400 a day.
So, you can imagine how touched I was recently to find a small brown box from Google in my mailbox.
Imagine: plain brown box, no notes, no cards, just a return address, Google, Mountain View, California.
I opened it and looked for it-wait for it —
Stainless steel travel cup!
It says \"Google \"!
Estimated value?
It\'s hard to say,-
I\'m sure Google knows.
You can buy a custom logo mug online for less than $2. Gee, thanks!
While this surprise gift doesn\'t make me feel special or appreciated, it does make me wonder what threshold I have crossed to get this gift and what the next level is.
Spend $1 million to buy a box of paper towels for the staff bathroom?
Buy an embroidered baseball cap for $1 billion?
Google then decided to step up the gift with some personalized attention.
I received this email.
Email: Hi, my name is Leah. I\'m a Google AdWords strategist.
I have checked your AdWords account XXX-XXX-
Xxx and I have seen some interesting opportunities to improve your advertising performance.
That\'s why I\'m happy to provide personal consultation for your AdWords campaign.
This is a completely free service we offer to selected customers for a limited time.
Our consultations may include, but are not limited: -an assessment of your advertising goals-an analysis of your existing activities-helps track your return on investment-advice on making the most of the increased traffic during the holidays and with you in the next week or two call.
Please reply to this e-
Mail by your contact and specify the best date and time (
Including time zone)
You can be contacted.
I received these emails for the first time.
On February 2009, before I launched a website dedicated to the conference table, the Mail (custom-conference-tables. com).
At that time, I used AdWords to drive traffic to my old website (pauldowns. com)
It costs about $250 a day.
I was so eager to do business that I replied and surprised me --given the robo-
Contact script prose in e-mails —
I did end up talking to a real person.
I don\'t remember her name, but she is very young and green.
Her suggestion was read out to me in half an hour.
When I asked her what was behind these ideas, she couldn\'t answer them.
But I did try her suggestions, which are mainly for the sake of subdividing and expanding my list of keywords.
To my chagrin, the phone stopped ringing at once.
It\'s been silent for three weeks.
Even if the cost of my AdWords goes up.
Now, maybe it\'s not Google\'s fault. The pauldowns.
There are some serious shortcomings in the website.
From Google\'s point of view, these suggestions actually work well.
Click and click
Both pass rates rose (
I spent more money in the end).
But I measured the success of my AdWords by phone instead of clicking.
Back to the previous arrangement, the phone began to ring again.
I can\'t tell you why.
AdWords activities are very complex and changes can produce unexpected results.
Obviously, additional clicks are not from possible callers.
This may also be due to the increase in click-through rates that ran out of my budget earlier in the day, and at the end of the working day, callers were more active.
I don\'t have time or money to change a variable at a time to isolate the change.
Since I was hoping to introduce my new site at the end of April 2009, I decided to resume the old campaign and continue until the new site is ready.
The new website is specially designed to get the most value from advertising words.
It\'s all about a product, so the searchers at the conference table can have a variety of options.
There is no product on the website other than the conference table, so I was able to add features --
Like an instant pricequote wizard —
This is optimized for variants found only in the table world.
On the budget side, I can purchase a large number of target-tight keywords at a reasonable price, and I can direct searchers to a table that closely matches their keywords.
This method works very well.
Now, our phones are six times louder than they were in 2009.
We have increased from an average of 9 calls per month to more than 50.
Back to my consultation with Leah.
I\'m curious what Google\'s advice is this time.
Leah called me at the exact time I requested.
She sounds more natural than the first Google person I spoke to, and has no script.
One thing I noticed from Google: it does anything and it will improve.
Leah knows about my previous interactions and she knows that I have two websites now.
Her first suggestion was that I reactivate all the activities that support the old site.
I explained to her that my focus now is on the conference table and I just want to pay traffic for the new site.
She did not push.
Nor did she try to get me to increase my daily budget.
She took me through the way to find negative keywords, which could actually save me some money.
If you are not familiar with them, negative keywords are search terms that you think are unlikely to produce good results, so you want to exclude them from your paid clicks.
In my case, there is a lot of search traffic around the university football and basketball schedules, and people ask them this: the Southeast Conference table or the East conference table.
These searches have nothing to do with me.
I also exclude searches that contain the words \"cheap\" or \"used\" because I don\'t sell both types of tables.
Leah has no other suggestions.
I couldn\'t help but ask her about the Cup and what was worth doing.
She didn\'t know and told me that the distribution of swag was handled by completely different departments of Google.
The whole conversation took 15 minutes.
This does not seem to be a sales call.
Not only did she not try to get me to do something that would increase my spending, but she also helped me figure out how to reduce my spending.
After my phone call with Leah, it took me a few minutes to search Google\'s AdWords Help section for more information about personalized counseling.
I can\'t find them if they are mentioned.
Yes, I searched on Google.
So I sent Leah an email.
Mail with the following questions: 1)
What does the AdWords patron have to do in order to gain personal attention? 2)
Does the customer\'s consumption have different levels of interaction? 3)
How often can Google contact customers?
I got the following reply: Hello Paul, thank you again for taking the time to speak to me yesterday!
In answering your question, we have considered many factors, including history, when considering contacting the account.
In these cases, interaction with AdWords advertisers is not so much driven by consumption as by growth potential and ways of improvement.
We review the account on a regular basis and we will be sure to contact if we can advise the account.
In this case, advertisers have no real expectation of when we will connect.
The best, LeahAs always, Google does what it wants to do.
Don\'t question Google.
I believe that Google will bless you.
I\'m serious: isn\'t Google accepting religious decorations?
Think about search and AdWords.
Search is mysterious.
No one can tell you how it works except Google, but we all use it and rely on it.
It has the ability to make or destroy us.
We hold a ceremony to appease it: Keep our content in line with our target keywords, update frequently, and decorate our website with links.
It seems to have a golden rule.
You should provide the relevant content \"-
But no direct contact.
It did not fully manifest itself.
Normally, our efforts are useless cries for a silent statue.
Advertising words are in the style of teaching.
It provides us with a learning text and rules to follow.
These are attractive combinations of accessible (
Pay, get location)
Unknown (
Keyword Quality Score.
You can be the equivalent of a holiday church attendee or a full-
Time assistant or anywhere between the two.
I haven\'t seen or heard anyone who can really say and prove that he or she actually optimized a site --
There is no room for improvement in mastering every change in advertising words.
Am I insulting?
Will Google punish me for my assumptions?
Wouldn\'t my next meeting with Leah or one of her peers be less friendly?
To be on the safe side, maybe I will raise my daily budget by a few percentage points.
Forgive me, Google!
I won\'t ask any more questions.
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