5 unique company culture ideas and trends to boost employees spirits

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-24
Creating an interesting workplace has many unique corporate culture ideas that will make your employees happy, laugh, walk out of the office and bring their lives into the office --even pets!
Google offers employees free, healthy and what they call a \"delicious\" lunch every day so they can skip the brown bag.
Companies such as Volkswagen and Apple are involved in \"interesting theories\" that translate boring tasks into exciting tasks.
Volkswagen\'s unique idea is to insert piano notes on the stairs next to the escalator
You guessed it, and more staff went up the stairs, up and down the melody of the music.
Of course, small business owners may not be able to afford a free lunch or music staircase, but there are other ideas to make your staff like to go to work.
Are you ready for the challenge?
To make your office one of the best workplaces, you need to be ready for the challenge at hand!
This means being open to unique, fun and even wild ideas from employees and external suppliers.
Here are the first five ideas we found to ensure that every employee has a smile on his face. 1.
Even before Cesar Milan became a dog speaker, people were very fond of their pets.
They dress them and make them grooms, and many people spend as much money on pets as they spend on their children.
Why not let your employees show off their pets at work?
You may not want to mix dog cat days, but you can have a dedicated dog Cat Day (
Most animal lovers will love both).
Besides bringing-your-pet-to-
On weekdays, make it fun by hosting the best pet tips or clothing competition and reward \"pets\" for first place, second place and third place --
Gift cards for PET intelligence will be welcomed by animals and humans. 2.
Take Me to BermudaWe literally-well, sort of.
Most offices have dress codes or uniform policies.
Why not dress?
Can employees wear Bermuda shorts, comfortable tops and shoes next Friday?
You can make this idea more interesting by having employees come up with outrageous ideas
Like crazy wig, clown\'s nose, grass skirt (
Underwear must be worn)
Creative hat.
Don\'t worry too much about customers and customers --
They will definitely find it interesting too, and you can encourage them to start wearing clothes --
Rest days in their office3.
Many companies offer these products around Christmas, but why not offer them every year? round?
Let them show their personality and provide some simple rules such as the nature of no offense or sexual harassment --
No girl calendar, guys!
Let them involve their family in the decoration of the door and dedicate the day, let the staff, family or friends decorate each door and hold one of the craziest and most interesting competitions, and the most decorative doors.
Gift certificates for lunch at local restaurants are great prizes to help with this unique corporate culture concept. 4.
You can see mats, pillows and lights in your office.
Is there a standard gray leather office chair and metal desk? How boring!
Today\'s employees want to use plush chairs, crazy pillows and unique lighting in comfort.
If you can afford it, give each employee $50 or $75 to help them design their own space, or let them do it if your budget doesn\'t meet the idea.
Again, you can set policies that are not allowed at any time, but if anyone wants a mini
When they call back or attend a conference call, the trampoline in their office-
Why not?
Even a simple basketball hoop or a green office will make a dull office full of joy. 5.
Do you remember when you were a child, holding that allowed Field trip list, rushing home to find your parents?
Even adults can have fun on field trips, and if your company is close to any historical area like Gettysburg, Alamo or even the art museum, encourage themed costumes, yes --
Buy lunch for staff
There are amusement parks or water parks near most areas;
They can relieve stress, especially if the employer pays.
Even if you live in the countryside, you will most likely find some places to take risks --
Even a haunted hotel or an old hotel offering lunch can be a great outing.
Every employer, big or small, can use these creative ideas to entertain the office.
But why not simplify it by appointing committees to arrange activities, determine budgets, and vote on cooperation?
What do workers want to see or do?
When the annual budget starts, commit to putting some money into these types of activities and ideas.
If you budget ahead of time, this will make the activity affordablenot money-
Cultural shock.
Keep in mind that you have to be presumptuous or at least allow your employees to do so.
If you have a good idea that we don\'t mention here, please let us know using the comments section below.
Refer to Google-the top ten reasons to work at Google-Apple uses \"interesting theory\"-credits: Rejoice-Sxc.
Hu/ba1969 circle puppy \"PT-
Courtesy of paper towel \"authorWallpaper-Sxc.
Hu/Bora Ferris wheel-Sxc.
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