$5,000 for a ‘decent chair’ for Ben Carson? Here are some less-pricey options.

by:Frank Tech     2020-06-25
Is the leather office chair really worth $5,000?
That\'s the head-
On Tuesday, it was reported that Housing and Urban Development officials complained that the agency planned to renovate Minister Ben Carson\'s office, which left some Americans facing a thorny problem.
Helen Foster, then chief executive of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, wrote in a complaint that shortly before President Trump took office, acting Secretary Craig Clemenson wants Carson\'s wife, Candy, to upgrade her husband\'s office
According to The Washington Post, Foster wrote in her complaint that the department must not spend more than $5,000 on office renovations without congressional approval.
According to her complaint, Clemenson\'s response to Foster was that \"$5000 won\'t even buy a decent chair . \".
Foster wrote that he instructed her to \"find money \".
If what Foster is saying is true, then the taste of Clemenson in the chair seems to be very expensive --
Especially for federal officials of a taxpayer.
The funding department that oversees programs for homeless and poor people.
\"How many of you have bought a $5 k office chair? ” tweeted Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz. ).
So we decided to go shopping.
We want to know what kind of chair can we buy for $5,000?
It turned out that there was a $5,000 office chair. but hardly.
Avon carved armchairs for example cost $5,129, a quick online search. (“Only 1 left! ”)
It claims to be a padded armchair with brass decoration, \"walnut finish\" and \"grand detail. ” The Italian-
The Bard designed by Avon chair promises to \"create a throne --
Like your chair, the owner of your home office.
\"There\'s also kidkios-
3D Pro CyberZero gravity heated massage chair on Amazon, infiretruck red.
Only $4,795.
00, you can enjoy 3-
The D roller and \"can be used for a very intense massage, even the function of a gentle massage.
Of course, this includes \"next generation airbags, computer body scans, zero gravity, waist heat, MP3 music systems, rollers, chrome treatment, etc.
\"From a more traditional point of view, here is also the\" large administrative high back \"designed by Antonio sitelio, offering\" individually adapted FlowMotion institutions and luxury for $5,140
These options seem a bit far away
People who want to buy a \"decent chair\" so we decided to consult a professional. Deb Longua-
CEO of Los Angeles-
DLZ Interiors is a certified interior designer who has spent decades providing interior design
Terminal office space for customers such as CW Network and HBO.
She\'s even part of the design team.
President George H\'s officeW.
Bush is in Texas, she said. Longua-
Zamero\'s customers can obviously afford it. of-the-
Far beyond Ikea or office warehouses.
Still, she said she did not remember paying $5,000 on a chair. High-end, top-
High quality chairs generally range from $1,500 to $3,000, she said.
\"He may just be exaggerating,\" she said . \"
\"I think $5,000 is stupid.
\"An ordinary office chair close to the price tag is the Emms executive chair, an upscale leather cushion chair that Herman Miller sells for $4,480 to $4,780.
Designed for the lobby in 1959-
Life Building in Rockefeller Center, chair is \"classic\"Zamero said.
\"It will never be out of date.
\"It\'s about as expensive as high --
There are chairs. And Longua-
Zamero says she has never paid that much for Ames executive chairs, which are usually sold at a price below the price tag.
She also believes that many federal agencies have reached deals and preset prices with suppliers through the General Services Authority, which helps to reduce costs. Longua-Zamero’s go-
There are also Herman Miller chairs on the office chair.
The popular ergonomic chair ranges from $820 to $1,555. Other top-
Quality options include a free task chair with headrest in the Humanscale series for $1,145.
Herman Miller\'s Mirra 2 office chair costs $694 to $1,199 compared to \"a great running shoe\"
It moves with you and supports you so you can move on without fatigue.
\"Needless to say, there are plenty of elite chair options and the price is well below $5,000. But Longua-
Clemenson just exaggerated the price tag to prove it
The $5,000 budget for redecorating the office was \"nothing \".
\"You really can\'t do the office for $5,000,\" she said . \".
\"There\'s just no way.
She estimates that the average cost of renovation in the administrative office is about $30,000.
\"It did increase,\" she said . \".
But she thinks the government office will re-use a lot of furniture when redecorating the office.
On Tuesday, Raffi Williams, a spokesman for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, denied that the department had spent too much on redecorating Carson\'s office.
Williams told the Post that officials eventually brought old chairs from the basement and replaced the shutters for $3,400.
But on Tuesday, the bigger HUD fee sparked anger on social media.
Federal records show thatHUD spent $31,561 on a conference table, the room where the secretary had lunch with the guests.
Williams said the table was ordered by the professional staff in charge of the building --
Not to redecorate the secretary\'s office.
The previous table was old and could not be repaired, he said. Longua-
Zamero said high
The price of the final conference table could rise by $20,000, so the $31,561 price tag is \"not unreasonable \"--
At least that\'s not the case for company executives.
When it\'s funded by taxpayers, \"it\'s a completely different game,\" she said.
\"I think anyone in the political office should be more serious about their choice because it\'s taxpayers\' money,\" she said . \".
The New York Times pointed out on Tuesday that the department bought restaurants set up at the end of last year, just as the White House proposed a substantial reduction in the budget for the housing and urban development program for homeless, elderly and poor people.
What else can HUD buy for $31,561?
Critics on social media have come up with ideas.
\"I am disabled and I have been on the waiting list for public housing for seven months,\" a woman wrote on Twitter . \".
\"My local waiting list for disabled housing has been at least five years.
Dining restaurant for Ben Carson can easily afford two disabled people a year\'s stay.
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