4 how to install a cross desk?

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-13
In order to save office space is convenient to communicate between colleagues, a lot of office desk when the choose and buy to buy cross four people a desk, but this kind of desk compared with general desk will be some difficult to install, the following article is to simply introduce for everybody. Cross booth desk save position but also concise and easy, so a lot of office layout is installed cross booth desk, the booth desk buy back factory installed package may also be a third party to find the teacher, if want to install method is as follows: 1, the first thing to have certain requirements of installation on the spot. To personally to measure the size, and understand the specific environment, both to ensure the practical function of the complete, also won't change position influence on some office facilities. And if found the problem, can adjust the corresponding plan. Is advantageous to the installation work smoothly and reach the standard installation. Measuring location to determine the installation position, and then measure how many cross can install booth desk. 2, determine the rendering: first put good cross connection column about location, and then put on the booth alignment. Then gets stuck on top of the fitting shoot, fastening screen, then just covering over the edge of the booth, then gets stuck desk the sealing side of a picture. Then two piece of another piece of the screen and the plum flower column connection is good, the cover of the plum blossom pillars. 3, the assembly of making screen on top of the fitting in, fasten screen ( Adjustable each another castor or connection column height of the screen) , and then just covering over the edge of the screen, and then put in the corner of the screen shot in edge banding, put on the booth of the lid. And the booth, the next a beat with the hand gently only, can make it fit on the cover of the combination of multiple bits of them can use the same method to install. In central booth next card worse hang arm, put away all the bracket, ready for installation mesa. 4, install panel and keyboard tray have steel support with steel foot to mesa, twist screw fittings on the opposite side of the panel, has set aside a good keyboard tray installation hole position, align the keyboard tray hole, with screw, keyboard tray after the installation is complete. Again put a panel on the booth of arm, and then screw down the screws, and then fixed well, with a push away activities ark and main frame to complete the process. 5, note: the installation of the booth desk and some matters needing attention, in general, from down to up installation is better, the appropriate adjustment in the corner of the booth location, is advantageous to the linear function of management, so easy to use, also the service life is longer. Also should pay attention to the reasonable points goods, channel, the installation process should also avoid power socket tight-lipped, Windows, fire hydrant, ventilation facilities.
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