2020 desk feng shui put four big misunderstanding

by:Frank Tech     2020-09-27
In 2020, although this year, because of the outbreak affect most of the industry. But feng shui office desk display is also very important, can say is related to my yao's own luck, feng shui feng shui office good own feng shui fortunes will ascend to a certain extent, the same baby named office in xian feng shui is bad words will affect their maple fortunes, please follow below small make up together to see 2020 desk feng shui put four big misunderstanding. 1, the desk is put under the beam xian feng shui master said Song Xiaotao desk placement for their own good or bad feng shui horoscope is also have very big concern, especially in business, if put desk under beam, after a long time can make a person feel the pressure, do things feel very depressed, which leads to lower productivity of xi 'an company. 2, beside the desk in the bathroom and toilet known is a place to gather filth and Yin qi, if desk around the toilet for a long time it will be affected, leading to the body appear some bad condition, and that they have a snack on the job is unable to. 3, the light was too dim light office office is also very important, shoulds not be too bright nor too dark, whether it is too dark or too bright will affect the work. 4, desk rooms barbed plants many workers because of the need to use computer for a long time so will celestial being radiation protection is put on the desk by the computer, but this will affect the relationship with colleagues, the stand or fall of working relationships with your colleagues is also very important, and his colleagues on bad terms may contribute to a rise in their business.
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