1.2 million \'unstable\' graco high chairs recalled

by:Frank Tech     2020-07-06
NEW YORK (CNNMoney. com)--
Solid Rick children\'s products company announced a recall on Thursday.
2 million harmony high chair due to stability problem.
Company, a department of Newville rubber(
Top 500 NWL in the world)
This makes car seats, strollers, swings and other products for the kids, and says its harmonious high chair can be \"unstable\" and \"tilted unexpectedly \".
\"Graco said 24 people were reportedly injured in the high chair model produced from 2003 to 2009, and the retail price was between $70 and $120.
The company said in a press release that holding the screws on the front legs of the high chair will loosen and fall off, and the plastic brackets on the hind legs will break, putting the child at risk
The chair is at Target (
Fortune 500 TGT)
Toys fight city and WalmartMart (
Fortune 500 WMT).
Except 1.
Graco said it recalled 2 million senior presidents in the United States and 35,000 in Canada.
The company urges consumers to stop using high chairs and order free repair kits consisting of two leg screws and one leg bracket.
This is only the latest recall in the past few months, and millions of children\'s products are out of the market due to safety hazards.
On January, Graco announced a recall of 1.
Due to the risk of finger tearing and amputation, 5 million strollers.
Dorel Asia SRL announced 635,000 baby cots this year.
On November 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of two.
1 million crib manufactured from Stork process.
Federal agencies say baby cots are in danger of choking.
\"First is the crib, the place where the children sleep, then the stroller, the parents use it to take from point A to Point B, now you have the high chair, where the children eat, mike rozembajaye, director of memories recalled by experts, said.
\"So we have a lot of memories about every aspect of our children\'s and parents\' lives.
Rozembajgier, whose company has helped the company coordinate 1,500 recalls, the most important thing graco has to do is to have enough repair kits to meet the needs, and provide instructions on how to use them on its website.
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